TABBit - Fast, simple and safe payments
TABBit - Fast, simple and safe payments

Selling on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace? Make Payments a Breeze with TABBit

Are you an avid seller on platforms like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace? Discover the ultimate payment solution with TABBit! Whether you're selling a vintage couch, a smartphone, or handmade crafts, TABBit streamlines your transactions, making them swift, secure, and incredibly easy for both you and the buyer.

Why Choose TABBit for Your Marketplace Sales?

  1. Instant Payment Receipts: Send and receive payments instantly with free TABBit transactions. No more waiting for bank transfers to clear!
  2. QR Code Convenience: Meet a buyer in person? Just let them scan your TABBit QR code to complete the payment on the spot. It's quick, contactless, and secure.
  3. No App Needed for Buyers: Your buyers don't need to install TABBit. As a seller, all you need is your TABBit app, and you're ready to accept payments from anyone.
  4. Widely Accessible: TABBit is designed to work with a vast array of UK banks, making it accessible for a broad range of buyers.
  5. Safe and Secure: Leveraging the power of Open Banking, TABBit ensures that every transaction is protected, giving you peace of mind with every sale. Please keep in mind, that every transaction is final. 

How TABBit Enhances Your Selling Experience:

  • For Online Listings: Send your TABBit link after you have agreed a sale with a buyer. Buyers can simply click and pay instantly with their own banking app, even if they don’t have the TABBit app. 
  • For In-Person Exchanges: Use TABBit's QR code feature during the physical exchange of goods. Buyers can scan your code and transfer the payment securely on the spot.

Get started with TABBit today and transform your marketplace selling experience!

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Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

TABBit - fast, simple and safe payments
TABBit - fast, simple and safe payments

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