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What is TABBit?
Experience the ease of fast, simple & safe payment requests with TABBit! This awesome app transforms how you split bills for dinners, getaways, and more. Your friends can swiftly reimburse you through their own banking apps — no TABBit download needed.

Say goodbye to awkward money chats and tedious account number and sort code sharing. With TABBit, sending payment requests is a breeze, and receiving payments is smoother than ever. Gone are the days that you needed to worry about which banking app your friends use. Join the TABBit revolution for hassle-free financial interactions with friends and family!

How does it work?
Requesting payment with TABBit is a breeze: simply input the amount you require and specify the purpose. We'll generate a link for you to distribute via WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, email, or any other platform.

When your friend clicks the link, they'll be directed to their banking app for payment. TABBit effortlessly and securely fills in all your details, so all they need to do is confirm the transaction.

What's more, we'll promptly notify you once the payment is complete, eliminating the need for you to hunt for confirmation. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

TABBit payments are both secure and trustworthy, utilising Open Banking integrations with your bank. Rest assured, we'll never request your bank's password or security codes.

Are there any costs?
TABBit is free to use! There are also no transactions costs involved, so you will always receive the full amount of your TABBit.

TABBit is there to make your life easier! The free version offers a wide range of possibilities. Please find the differences with the premium version below;

Features: Free (£0.00 per month)vs Premium (£2.49 per month)
- Payment requests per month: 5 vs 10
- Total request value per TABBit: Up to £500 per request vs Up to £750 per request
- Number of payers per TABBit request: Up to 10 payers vs Up to 20 payers
- Link expiry time of a TABBit request: 7 days vs 14 days

Is it safe and secure?
TABBit is all about making your financial interactions safe, simple, and secure. We exclusively use the official Open Banking APIs provided by your bank, ensuring a trustworthy and seamless connection.

Here's the best part: We never ask for your bank passwords or security codes. Plus, forget the hassle of "wallet top-ups" – your money stays right where it should, in your bank account, safe and sound. With TABBit, enjoy peace of mind knowing your funds are secure and transactions are a breeze! 🌟💸🔒

How can I join TABBit?
Ready to simplify your group payments? TABBit is just a click away! Simply press the "Get TABBit" button, and you'll be whisked off to the app store links. Whether you're an Android enthusiast or an iPhone aficionado, TABBit is available for you. Downloading is a breeze, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying hassle-free, fun financial interactions with friends. Dive into the world of TABBit today – your solution for easy, secure payment requests is just a click away! 🌟📲💸

What banks does TABBit work with?
TABBit works seamlessly with a wide variety of UK banks, thanks to our integration with Open Banking. This means whether you're with a big-name bank or a local institution, TABBit is ready to connect with your bank for easy and secure transactions. Gone are the days that you had to remember which banking apps your friends are using, when requesting a payment! Just simply share the same link with anybody, via the messaging platform of your choice! Check out the full list of compatible banks directly in the TABBit app! 🏦🇬🇧💳

How long does it take to complete a payment?
Get ready for lightning-fast transactions with TABBit! Just like a typical bank transfer, payments zoom into your account in just a few seconds – and at most, it'll take only a couple of hours. So, whether you're splitting dinner bills or sharing trip costs, with TABBit, you can say goodbye to waiting and hello to quick, hassle-free payments! ⚡🏦💨

Can I use TABBit for my business?
Are you a business that would like to make use of TABBit? Please contact us at info[at]

Who is behind TABBit?
Meet TABBit, the brainchild of London based TABBx Ltd, a pioneer in financial technology. At TABBx, we're all about revolutionizing the way you manage your payment requests and group payments. Our team is passionate about making financial interactions not just simpler, but also more enjoyable.

With TABBit, we're bringing a fresh, user-friendly approach to handling shared expenses, whether it's for a group dinner, a shared gift, or a weekend getaway. So, get ready to experience the ease and excitement of managing your finances with TABBit, where every transaction is a breeze, thanks to the innovative minds at TABBx! 🌟🎉💳